2019-02-28 13:56:44

Body Reshaping

For those planning body reshaping, the upcoming cooler months are preferable for a more comfortable recovery, as all techniques will require some form of compression for several weeks.

Liposuction is still a very popular option and can offer a “quick fix” for the right patient. This is a “walk in, walk out” procedure, with very little downtime or discomfort in recovery. However, it is not suitable for those patients who have abdominal muscle separation or stretched skin.  A combination of liposuction and lipectomy may offer a better result.

Tummy Tuck surgery will tighten the stomach muscle,  removing excess fatty deposits and stretched skin. The procedure usually requires one or two nights stay in hospital.  A little discomfort can be expected over the first few days with most patients advised to take up to two weeks away from regular activities. This procedure promises a flat stomach and a shapely torso.

When planning either of  these procedures, it is advisable to see an experienced patient advisor before booking a surgeon’s consultation. It is always easier to follow the surgeon’s consultation once the patient has a full understanding of the correct procedure,  expected results and all costs involved.

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