1) Choose the correct procedure for you, not the one the surgeon “always ” does..
Do you need;
– A lift, an enlargement, a reduction or a combination of some or all of these.
2) What is the best implant to give you the desired result?
– A round, a high profile or an anatomical.
3) Should the implant be placed on top of or under the chest muscle?
4) Ensure you have the “approach” that you would like.
– From under the fold, under the arm or on the edge of the areola.
5) Be careful to choose the correct size. A simple “Rice Test” will help you decide.
6) Is your procedure performed in a registered hospital?
7) Will you have a specialist anaesthetist to administer a General Anaesthetic?
8) Remember the 3 “nos” for breasts.. No drains, no stitches to be removed, no post-operative manipulation needed.
9) Allow one week off work to recover and no upper body work for 3 weeks.
10) Most importantly.. Choose the right surgeon.

If you need clarification on any of the above, you are not yet ready for surgery. Make time to see me for a no cost information session to cover all of the above and more..