It is true that a great Summer body is made in winter, making the coming months the best time to plan body reshaping surgery.

Although most of the popular cosmetic procedures have a short recovery period, they also take some time to achieve the final result.

Breast reshaping, requires only a few days in recovery, but up to 4 months until the breasts are sitting correctly.

Liposuction recovery is one to two days, however the wearing of the compression garment post operatively and the swelling from the treatment require up to eight weeks to settle.

Tummy tucks will require at least two weeks to recover, but up to four months for the final result.

Facial surgery will also require several months until the final result is evident, although the initial recovery happens in the first week.

Whatever your Summertime goals for later this year are, start planning now. To come in for a no cost info session, call 55313194.