These cooler months are the best time to plan any of the surgical body shaping techniques,  most require the patient to wear a compression garment for several weeks during recovery.

It is important to have the correct assessment when planning  any  procedure to achieve the required results, as there are many options in body shaping, and usually only one will be the right one.

Many of the procedures can be performed during the same surgical date, for example, breast augmentation (lift, reduction or implants) works with liposuction or tummy tuck.  However, arm and thigh tuck would need to be on a separate operating date.

Although some of the procedures do attract a Medicare item number, those which are considered cosmetic do not. In these cases, Private Health insurers will not cover any of the hospital costs. Therefore, with the patient covering all costs, the totals can be quite high.

To know more about any of the procedures, those which have Medicare coverage and those which do not, call or e mail and we can provide further information.