The most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedure is Breast Augmentation, however, a good result cannot always be achieved with implants alone, often patients need the combination of a lift and  implants to create the desired outcome.

A good indicator of the procedure needed is to look in the mirror facing sideways. If the areola is below the crease of the breast, then a lift is the likely procedure.

Implants will always create larger breasts, it therefore follows that unless the patient wants larger breasts, an implant is not needed. A good surgeon can use the available breast tissue, positioning it higher before removing some of the skin to give his patient perky breasts without the aid of implants.

Some patients will require a reduction in size and an uplift. The result of this procedure will create smaller breasts, although a good surgeon will give his patient a size which is in proportion to her body shape.

It is always best to attend an information session with a professional advisor or see a qualified surgeon to be sure of the correct procedure to give the desired outcome from breast augmentation.