The most popular breast implant sizes are in the range from 350cc to 550cc, although, implant sizes start at around 200cc and go to 800cc. CCs, is fairly similar to mils, therefore the easiest way to work out a size is to use this measurement.


The size chosen relates to the size of the patient before surgery and the size required after surgery.


For example, if a woman is completely flat chested and requires a C cup, the size range would probably be between 300 and 400. If the same woman wanted a DD cup the range could be from 400 to 700. Should the patient have some, but insufficient breast tissue, the implant size required would be less.


A good way to ascertain the size needed, is to make up implants and try them in a crop top. This is best done by measuring uncooked rice in a measuring jug and transferring this volume into plastic bags. This can be very helpful for the patient in her consultation with a surgeon, as she will have a good idea of the size she would like.


An experienced patient advisor will offer good advice on sizes and it is always helpful to have this information before seeing a surgeon.