Choosing the right procedure for the best result in cosmetic surgery can be more difficult than it seems. With so much information in the marketplace, there is a tendency for people to self diagnose, without taking into account their specific needs, often leading to an unsuitable outcome.

The most frequent of these misdiagnosis comes from people who request liposuction when they really need a tummy tuck. It is important to understand that liposuction alone will not repair muscle separation, help with stretch marks or excess skin.  Although liposuction may be part of the process, in these cases the abdominoplasty is the correct procedure.

To help with the assessment process, we offer a no cost information session, which can either be done in person or via email. Email consultations are becoming increasingly popular, although there still is the need for a personal consultation with a surgeon before proceeding.

To arrange e mail information, we ask patients to send photographs of the area to be treated, and one of the surgeons will give an overview of what will be required, including costs and any possible Medicare rebates. For those who are concerned about the abdomen area, we require photographs from the chest to the knees, both facing camera and side view. We can usually provide all information within 24 hours.

To arrange information, e mail or call 0755313194.