Contemplating cosmetic surgery off shore.. perhaps in Asia? Here are some things to consider.. 


There are risks to all surgery, these include;


  • Infection:¬†although not common in Australia, some of the “superbugs” found in some Asian countries can cause major health problems.


  • Your general health:¬†pre-operative blood tests, ultrasounds, chest ex ray, and many other scans are commonplace pre operatively in Australia, but perhaps not in other countries.


  • Surgeons skills:¬†Australian surgeons, operating in registered hospitals, have¬†¬†the high standard of training demanded by our Medical system.


  • Visible scars:¬†most Australian surgeons, when performing the cosmetic procedures, concentrate on giving an excellent result, without evidence that¬†an¬†operation ¬†has¬†taken place.


  • Aftercare:¬†should you require a revision or if anything unforsaken were to happen, it is¬†better to have your surgeon nearby.


  • Results:¬†You will expect your surgery to have a long lasting effect, whereas, results from facial surgery, breast implants, uplifts, reductions and tummy tucks from some of the ”¬†bargain” priced overseas surgeons, very often need a complete revision.


 Talk to a professional advisor and choose your surgeon carefully if you are to have a successful result.