Some patients find the role of their health fund difficult to follow. With cosmetic surgery, the answer is very straight forward. If Medicare does not cover the procedure in any way, then the private health fund will not provide any cover.


There are some exceptions in some cases, these are;



For correction of a nose deformity, or function. Often this may be the result of some trauma to the area. The operation is  performed in hospital under a general anaesthetic, often requiring an overnight stay, with a 5 day recovery when the patient will have a splint over the area.



Correction of one or both ears, where the ear protrudes, or is deformed as the result of an accident. This procedure is performed in hospital under a general anaesthetic, but may not necessarily require an overnight stay.



Where the patient has experienced significant weight loss, resulting in an excess of skin forming, what is often referred to as an “apron”. This procedure will require one or more nights stay in hospital and at least 2 weeks recovery.



Where the eyelid has significant asymmetry or redundant skin causing obscuring of vision. When performed in hospital takes approx. 1 hr, no need for an overnight stay, and stitches come out 5 days later.  


Breast Reconstruction

Where there needs to be a reduction in size, or removal of skin due to significant weight loss. May also be the correction of unevenness after breast feeding.


It  is important to realize  that not all of the above will have Medicare coverage in all cases, and the surgeon will decide if there is justification for this coverage, and even then, Medicare may not agree.


For further information on any coverage which may be available, it is best to speak with an experienced patient advisor and a surgeon, before committing to a surgery date. Call 0755313194