Currently we are receiving a slight upsurge in the number of patients enquiring about breast implant removal after media stories on some textured implants.

If you have implants and are concerned, the first step is to contact your original surgeon, to be sure of the brand and style of your implants.  Your surgeon may order an ultrasound or an MRI to discover if the implants are intact. He/She will then advise you if there is a need to remove the implants.

The options for removal are; to remove the old textured implants and replace with smooth surface implants.

                                                  Or, remove the implants altogether.

                                                  Or, remove the old implants, replace with smooth surface  and uplift the breasts.

                                                  Or, remove the old implants and uplift the breasts.

This procedure needs to be performed in hospital, under a general anaesthetic.  It may take between one to two hours of surgery, and the patient can usually return home the same day.

Depending on the circumstances, there may be a Medicare item number and a privately insured patient may have the hospital costs covered.

Although a removal can be done through the public hospital system, replacing the implants cannot. Therefore many patients decide to do this through the private hospitals.

As a guide line for costs, with a private surgeon –

Most removals cost $4000

Removal and replacement from $7,000

Removal , replacement , uplift from $12,000

Removal only and uplift from $10,000

Additional costs are hospital, anaesthetic and implant costs, if not covered by a fund.

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