The results of a good face lift can turn back the appearance of age, however it will not halt the aging process.


Many people ask, “how long will a face lift last?”, the short answer is that the results are permanent, it doesn’t unravel with time, however as the aging process continues, some people think about having an adjustment at 10 years. Still, for many, just one face lift gives the desired result and they are happy with this for decades.


There are several types of face lifting surgery and each is dependent on the requirements of the patient. Most people, both men and women, are concerned with the folds from the corners of the nose to the mouth, the corners of the mouth to the chin and the neck. Correction of any, or all of these, fall under the category of “lower face and neck lift”, often called a mini lift.


Face lift is termed an elective, cosmetic procedure, therefore the patient will not have any help from Medicare or private funds, and must bear all costs. These costs range from $8000 to $14000, depending on the procedure recommended. There are also hospital and anaesthetic costs to be covered. It is an appearance investment and most patients agree, well worth it.


There is a lot to consider before having this procedure, and it is best to take advantage of a personal information session, before seeing a surgeon. We offer this at no cost or obligation, and to arrange a session, call the office on 0755313194, or enquire through the website.