Choosing the best surgeon for your facial rejuvenation surgery will ensure you a long term result to keep you looking around ten years younger than people of a similar age..

The ten most important points to be aware of;

1) There should be no visible scars.

2)The shape and position of the ear should not change.

3)Bruising should be avoided.

4)Cheek pads may need to be adjusted.

5)Neck and jaw line may need liposuction.

6)Excess neck skin may require a platysmaplasty.

7)Eyes and brow rejuvenation will require additional procedures, but may be performed in the same operation session.

8)This procedure will not correct fine lines around the mouth, therefore dermal fillers are used in a follow up session.

9)Modern face lift procedures are performed in hospital, however the patient can choose either a full general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic. The operation takes approximately 2.5hrs and the patient can return home the same day.

10)Recovery is usually pain free. Bandages are removed after three days, stitches come out after five days and the results are evident within a week.