Some of the medical grade peels are achieving amazing results for patients with surface skin damage, fine lines and deeper wrinkles.  Although some require several weeks of recovery, these will give results which are worth the  down time.

The three we are focusing on during winter are;

The micro peel and dermal rolling: An in house treatment, with very little downtime apart from some superficial redness, which settles overnight.  To achieve a result the patient will require, 10  half hour treatments are recommended, and each is offered by a therapist and is done in the treatment room.  The patient returns home immediately and there is not likely to be any discomfort.

The Blue Peel: Must be applied by a Medical Practitioner, in rooms, again with very little discomfort. The peel is bright blue in colour and will take several days to peel off completely.  The Blue Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel, and can be applied in 1 to 4 layers, depending on your needs, to deeply exfoliate your skin to renew its natural clarity and tightness. It can remove dyschromia (pigmentation problems), remove wrinkles and fine lines, acne scarring, and help reduce the signs of aging.  There are follow up treatments available to keep the fresh skin glowing.

The Exoderm Peel: has been used over a a 20 year period and achieves spectacular results on severely damaged skin.  This peel increases the level of Collagen and Elastin by about 80-90% and is suitable for any age from 18-80.  This peel is best carried out in hospital under a full anaesthetic.  The patient may return home afterwards and the damaged skin will fall away over a 2 week period.

There is a vast difference in the cost and recovery time for each of these. To have an assessment it is advisable to be seen by a practitioner who can offer each of the peels, to ensure the the correct one is recommended.