I am always surprised when women tell me they feel guilty enquiring about the mummy makeover procedures, usually it is because a friend or associate has advised them they can correct the situation by diet and exercise alone, yet this is rarely the case.

The typical “Mummy Makeover” patient has –

  • More than one child
  • Is not planning any further pregnancies
  • Has loose skin and stretch marks on the abdomen 
  • Breasts have lost their fullness and perkiness

In most cases there is a Medicare item number for these procedures deeming them to be in the elective, but medical category. Therefore, no guilt needed!

These conditions cannot be corrected without surgery.

However, these procedures can be quite costly, especially without Private Health cover and this alone may cause the patient to have difficulty in justifying spending this amount of money on their appearance.

If the patient has the support of her family, and the costs do not place a strain on the resources, the results from these operations can renew self-esteem and ultimately the entire family benefits.

As always, the results are dependent on the skill of the surgeon and it is best to speak with a trained advisor, someone who has had the procedure and to consult with a surgeon before making a decision.