There are now so many options for facial rejuvenation, starting with injectables, through to the full face lift.

Some of the lesser known procedures allow the surgeon to customize the procedure to better suit the patient’s needs.

The Blue Peel is often favored by surgeons as a pre or post operative procedure to create smoother skin and eliminate blemishes.  Sometimes the patient finds the resulting lift will simulate a mini lift. This is particularly effective on younger patients who have suffered sun or acne damage.

Volumizing fillers or  fat transfers can create mid face fullness giving the face a more youthful look.  On the younger patient, this can create a more sculptured look to the face.  For the patient who has had some facial surgery, this is ideal to extend the result without needing further surgery.

The latest range of threads give a spectacular result, lifting the mid face and jowls.  When used in conjunction with facial surgery, these can also support the area under the chin, often eliminating the need for further neck surgery.  Although thread lifting has been available for close to two decades in Australia, it is this latest range of product that supersedes all others, offering truly outstanding and long lasting results.

Costs for these procedures start at $1000.00 and many can be done in house, without the need for additional hospital costs.  To learn more, call 0755313194 and make arrangements for a free assessment and information session.