There are now several cosmetic surgery payment plans, and they cover the surgery, hospital and anaesthetic costs. Here are the cosmetic surgery payment plans.

  • Lay Buy –  Offers the only interest free option. The patient selects the operating date with a 10% deposit, thereby locking in the costs. Payments can be made weekly or monthly and statements are sent monthly, allowing the patient to see the balance outstanding.
  • Credit card –  Some banks offer as much as 15 months interest free, allowing the patient to have the surgery when required and the portion paid for in the first 15 months is free of interest.
  • Finance –  The company will require pay slips and will run a credit check on the applicant. Once approved , many of the procedures can be covered with just $50 per week.

To begin the process it is best to see an experienced patient advisor, who will provide a full breakdown of all costs.