There are many reasons why a patient would consider surgery to the nose, some aesthetic and others functional, or a combination of both. There are Medicare item numbers that may apply, thereby allowing a rebate on the procedure and coverage of hospital and anaesthetic for patients with private health cover.

Many patients request the procedure because of an accident or trauma causing a misshapen nose, which can sometimes lead to breathing problems. The result from a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty can correct both the appearance and the medical condition.

It  is important to seek the service of a specialist plastic surgeon, one who is experienced with this type of surgery and can show examples of his work. The Surgeon should also be able to show his patient a visual of the expected outcome.

Prices vary for this procedure, depending on the type of surgery and the length of the operation. The costs can be from $8,000 for a straight forward procedure to $14,000 for a more complicated operation.

There is no shortcut to making a decision on this procedure, and it cannot be made on price alone.

For  those considering any nose reshaping it is important to understand the procedure and the recovery and this is best done in a private consultation. We are currently offering no cost and obligation free info sessions in the Southport office, call 07 5531 3194 to arrange a time.