One of the concerns of patients going into cosmetic surgery is the amount of time needed for recovery.. Or “down time”. This varies with each procedure, however, it should be remembered that as rule of thumb, the healing process after any surgery is usually six weeks. Still, the amount of time away from most regular activities, such as work or social activities will depend on the visibility of the operated area. These generally are;

Breasts – a week away from work is recommended, although most patients feel fine two days after surgery.

Face and eyes – two weeks away from work and social activity.

Nose – five to seven days away from work and social activity.

Tummy tuck – a minimum of two weeks away from work, maybe longer in some cases.

Liposuction – two to three days away from work in most cases.

Of course, every patient needs to be assessed by their surgeon, and the recommendations differ in each case. It is always advisable to speak to an experienced patient advisor for more detailed information. We offer a free of charge information session on all procedures.

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