The new age threads are delivering amazing and long lasting results.

Threads can be used to support the sagging tissues on the face, neck, breasts, thighs and tummy.

There needs to be some in depth consultation with a Surgeon who is able to offer both the surgical and non surgical option while considering this procedure. Often there is the opportunity to use threads along with surgery to give a better result.

Whereas breast implants alone on sagging breasts may not give a good result, when threads are added the results are excellent.

This also applies to face lifts, where the neck can often remain loose after the procedure, adding threads can resolve this issue.

Although threads alone may not offer the outcome the patient is looking for, the combination of surgery and strategically placed threads can be impressive.

The threads will encourage a growth of support tissues in the area treated over time and therefore provide a long lasting result.

We are able to offer private no cost consultations with a surgeon experienced in threads on Saturday 7th March. Call 07 5531 3194 to arrange a time.