Many patients who enquire about breast augmentation, believe that implants alone will allow them to achieve their desired result. Often this is not the case and the patient will need an uplift, reduction or reconstruction of the breasts, together with implants. This can be a disappointment to many of the women who are looking at the online special offers for breast implants with a starting price of $5500.00 all inclusive, as adding the extra procedure will more than double the cost.


There is an easy way for the patient to check if the additional procedure is needed before making any consultation appointments with a surgeon.

Check the position of the nipple, in relation to the crease of the breast by looking at the breasts side on in a mirror. If the nipple is on or below the crease, then it is more likely that an uplift will also be required. Should the breast be uneven in size and position, then further reconstruction may be needed.


To be certain, it is always advisable to see an experienced patient advisor prior to consulting a surgeon, thereby ensuring that the correct specialist is recommended.

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