Many people ask “at what age should I consider a face lift?” Well, it is not really about age in years, more the aged appearance of the face.  Some people start to see the signs of aging around the eyes in their late twenties and early thirties, whilst many see the loss of jaw line definition and loose skin on the neck in their forties. The time is right when the patient feels he or she is looking older than their years.

My advice is to address the concern then, rather than wait until a certain age is reached. I believe it is far better to enjoy a youthful appearance for as long as possible and attending to it earlier can give the patient a much happier outlook.

Very often, surgeons prefer to perform these procedures on a younger patient as the result is generally better and longer lasting than the same procedure performed on a patient in their sixties or seventies. However, for a patient who is in the older category and having either their first procedure or a second lift, the age will not prohibit a good result being achieved.

Face lift surgery of any type, can be performed as a day stay only procedure in hospital, either under a general or local anaesthetic, and the initial recovery is only a few days, with complete post operative treatment within a ten day period.

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